Everything is "fog": get it all connected
Make use of edge computing resources to build up a fog blockchain network ecosystem
The value of FNKOS
FNKOS is a fog computing-based blockchain operating system designed to make the best use of the edge computing resources such as idle hardware network and storage resources. The fog blockchain was built on the basis of a PoC (Proof of Contribution) consensus algorithm: nodes get FNKOS incentives according to their contribution in the fog blockchain based on network flow, storage volume, computational capacity
Design goals
FNKOS is a fog computing-based blockchain operating system. Designed to make the best use of the edge computing resources, it makes extensive use of edge computing techniques and applications, enabling more users to experience the convenience and the advantages offered by FNKOS
Everything is "fog" -- the real Internet
FNKOS allocation plan
The total amount of FNKOS is 1 billion, of which 50% is generated by mining.
Since FNKOS launch, FNKOS blockchains are managed as public blockchains, and FNKOS assets circulate through the main blockchain network mapping
The blockchain mobile phone
This is a real blockchain mobile phone. It builds a secure network through several blockchain nodes, and achieves distributed storage and edge computing
Built-in fog computing sandbox: eliminates hidden security risks by isolating malicious websites and application
Private wallet for asset management: protected by a sandbox security mechanism and network isolation
Blockchain ecosystem: FNKOS asset, which is produced and circulated in FNKOS blockchain,
will help expanding business and building business ecologic system
FNKOS BOX is a node of the fog blockchain that supports internet access globally and IPFS node. Its owners can get FNKOS rewards whenever they share their idle bandwidth through CDN sharing mode. Mining while having fun: make money while watching TV
FNKOS system
 System architecture overview
Android architecture overview
Team Profile
Company History

Provides software transplantation and secondary development for BYD vehicle equipment, 360 smartwatches and other hardware devices, and remote upgrading services.

Develops the FNKOS operating system, by rooting and running performance tests in 70% of the mobile phones in the market.

As the IoT market grows in maturity, further extends the FNKOS operating system compatibility to other devices. Succesfully provides big-screen and ecological solutions for the intelligent wine cabinet project of Haier Company.

Releases the IPO of FNKOS worldwide and reserves 50% of FNKOS for contributors.

Signs a deal with HongShiZhiTong, the biggest mobile phone upgrade solutions provider with about 500 million customers.

Signs a deal with ShanHuLingYu to jointly develop the blockchain mobile operating system with sandbox features. The CMO of this company joins our research & development team.

Signs a deal with the Guizhou Shuanglong airport to provide with high-equipped engine room to the project.

Estimated completion of FNKOS business arrangement in the blockchain industry.